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[column][title]Breakfast Favourites[/title][block] Whether you’re admidst the hustle and bustle looking for something on the go, or want to sit back and enjoy a delicious breakfast, we’ve got something to tantilise your taste buds[/block][/column]

[column][title]Vietnamese for Lunch[/title][block] Everybody loves Vietnamese, and you’ll love it even more after dining at East. Try our hearty Pho or a tasty Banh Mi


[column][title]The coffee favourite[/title][block] Come see why we’re one of the favourites on the block. Try the famous Vietnamese Coffee if you’re looking for a real buzz[/block][/column]


[title-bar] MENU [/title-bar]

Here’s a sneak peek at our menu. Prices may change as we update our menu so be sure to check in-store.

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[title-bar] DRINKS[/title-bar]

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[title-bar] CATERING [/title-bar]

We pride ourselves on quality and presentation. Let us cater for your next office function with a wide range of catering favourites, or spice things  up with a selection from our Vietnamese menu. We also have a huge range of tasty treats including tarts, cakes and macarons. Many healthy and gluten-free options available.

Click for Catering menu (updated October 2013)

Catering Sample

Catering – Assorted Rolls


[title-bar] FIND US [/title-bar]

[column][title]Address[/title][block]4/447 Hay St, East Perth 6000

Across from Fire Station CPP. A minutes walk from RPH and St Mary’s Cathedral


[title]Opening Hours[/title][block]Monday-Friday: 7AM-4PM
Saturday 7.00AM-2.30PM


[title]Contact Us[/title][block]By phone: 0447 226 351
By email: staff@eastbistro.com.au

Table bookings in our function room available


[title]Social Media[/title][facebook] https://www.facebook.com/EastBistro[/facebook][rss =]http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/338/1786055/restaurant/East-Perth/East-Cafe-Vietnamese-Bistro-Perth[/rss][twitter]https://twitter.com/EAST_Bistro[/twitter][gplus]http://instagram.com/eastbistro#[/gplus]


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