Damn fine coffee. Unbeatable prices.


We like to stick it to the man. When we first opened up back in Nov ’13, one of our opening specials was a $2 coffee. It received such great feedback that we’ve since kept unbeatable coffee prices as one of the things that makes us… well, us. We’re now proud to deliver one of Perth’s best value coffees without compromising on quality. Our 8oz is cheap as chups at $3. Insane.

EAST has come a long way since then. We’ve learned a whole lot, diversified our palettes, made a bunch of coffee, changed grind settings a thousand times, and lost many (many) hours of sleep after drinking too much coffee at cuppings. We now feature a bunch of talented baristas who aim to leave you smiling after having a sip of our delicious coffee.

On top of mad skills, we’ve teamed up with local roaster, Micrology. We’re sporting their fine Barbershop blend, made of beans from El Salvador, Rwanda, and Guatemala. Deliciously smooth, milk chocolate mouth-feel with a sweet toffee aftertaste. Combine this with some crazy new VST baskets and upgraded handles and you’ve got yourself a fine coffee.

Come in, say hi. Chat, drink coffee, eat food, and drink more coffee.